Since 2005, we have been providing logistics and transportation services with the latest technologies and the highest standards of quality, safety and on time, as we cross millions of kilometers monthly in the regions of the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf.

Some of the logistics we provide:

  • Aramco
  • Najran cement
  • Yanbu cement
  • AlMadina cement
  • Land Mark

Cement Distribution

Trading and distribution a variety of high-quality building materials within a wide distribution network throughout the Kingdom of up to 80 thousand tons monthly, delivered within 24 hours under the supervision of a highly experienced team.

Our products:

  • White cement
  • Bulk bags

Mining And Quarrying

We work passionately in the mining field, to extract the finest mineral resources and building materials, to always reach our customer’s expectations.

Gas Stations

We are working on improving the general appearance of gas stations and their facilities. We have a wide range of gas stations that provide all services with the latest technologies and the highest standards of safety and environmental protection.


We are managing and operating international brands to give our customers various options in several sectors, and to provide a distinctive shopping experience in the fashion field.

Some of the brands:

  • Cottonil
  • M Missoni
  • Manoush


We always strive to meet the demands of our customers, so we have provided quantities of ready-to-install engines directly on trucks, whether from local manufacturing, depending on good materials and spare parts available, or depending on supplies from external factories.

Some of our products:

Garbage compactors on trucks, transitional waste presses, floor waste presses, telescopic, articulated maintenance basket, platforms, scissors, telescopic cranes, articulated cranes, self-propelled cranes for lifting cars, hot lifts for lifting containers and waste, road sweepers installed on trucks, trailers, water and sewage tanks Sanitary, fuel and sanitation, with high oil and cement plaster, surfaces for trailers, flat, stairs, car transporters, hydraulic decks, shipping boxes, attendants from size 2 m3 to 32 m3.

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